1. What are the benefits of a steel building?
All HTS INDUSTRIEBAU are designed and engineered at our own factory, generally, steel buildings cost between 30% – 40% less than traditional construction yet, they last longer than traditional structures, in additional they are much faster to manufacture and install and are easier to maintain.

2. What are the steps to planning and constructing a steel building?
An HTS INDUSTRIEBAU technical sales representative will guide you through the entire building process. Initially, we will ask you about the usage, size and shape of the building. We will then recommend the most applicable type of roof and interior walling system for the specific application together with the number and position of personnel and roller shutter door units.

Also, if required we will also recommend further accessories for example windows, lighting, heating systems, mezzanine floors etc. Once the final building specification is agreed, your steel building is then designed and engineered to meet site specific building code requirements. Once engineered, your building is manufactured at our factory and shipped to your construction site. Once the concrete foundation is poured, construction begins.

3. Do I need planning permission for my steel building?
Customer should seek planning consent from their local planning office for all steel buildings prior to installation of the structure. All HTS INDUSTRIEBAU steel buildings are designed to site specific building code requirements, our experienced team will advise, support and assist you with all the relevant drawings and documentation needed to support your application.

4. Can my steel building be custom designed to meet my exact needs?
All of our design and manufacturing is conducted in-house we are easily able to create custom designed buildings to suit most customer requirements. Our experienced CAD design engineers are able draw on decades of steel building design experience ensuring your steel building is manufactured in the most economical format.

5. Do I need a bespoke foundation for my building?
At a minimum you will need concrete piers for the steel columns to be anchored upon. Most applications require a full slab foundation, but if you are using the building for example for an agricultural or equestrian application and plan to have hard-core or sawdust floors, a pier system may be preferable. Our technical sales advisors will provide further advice and information during the initial design phase meeting.

6. Can I customise and choose the colour of my building?
We offer multiple cladding profile and colour options from all leading European roof and wall cladding manufacturers. In short we will design your building according to your operational specification and aesthetic needs.

7. Is internal condensation an issue?
This will typically depend on the use of the building. If required you can reduce the potential for condensation through specifying insulated panels, or use an anti-condensation layer on single skin corrugated steel sheet roof. These points will be discussed during the initial consultation stage on which we will formulate your detailed quotation.

8. How long will it take to design and manufacture my steel building?
Our standard lead times are generally 6 weeks from the date of receiving your confirmed order. Dependent on capacity at the time we normally require 2 weeks to produce structural calculations and drawings and a further 3 to 4 weeks until the building is ready to be shipped from our factory.  These lead times are for indication purposes and in certain circumstances lead-times can be improved upon.

9. Do HTS INDUSTRIEBAU provide a full installation service?
Not only do we design and manufacture our steel buildings, we also provide a variety of installation services to ensure that your buildings is delivered and installed correctly. HTS INDUSTRIEBAU installation teams are available to install your structure whatever the geographical location. We also offer the option of having one of our experience construction supervisors on site to guide your own construction personnel. Whether you decide to install the building yourself or use our expert construction services, you can expect to receive superior technical support throughout the installation process.

10. How long will the installation of the steel building take?
This will depend on the size and final specification of the building. For example, span width, length, roof and walling types, number of personnel and access doors and level of accessory specifications. Typically a 20.00m (span) x 40.00m (length) x 6.00m eave height building fitted with insulated roofs, walls, 2 x roller shutter doors and 6 personnel doors would take 4 weeks excluding foundation preparation works.